Well the ole savage 887 is slowly going through its processes.  I’ve cleaned up and crowned the muzzle.  I cleaned up the chamber side, but alas something must go wrong.  I put too much pressure on the reamer and, well, resulted in my first broken tool.  Was able to knock it out, but progress halted because I didn’t have a second to finish.  Brownells to the rescue though.  Until then, progress is on hold . . .


Feelin the Blues!

So I’ve been working on an old old savage 887 I obtained as a parts gun to work on for examples of my work.  I’ve collaborated with a professional gunsmith to help mentor my work and provide some experienced pointers.  For the past couple of weeks I worked on getting a severely pitted barrel and receiver to look somewhat better again through several techniques of draw filing and sanding.  Yesterday we advanced to replacing the bluing on the barrel.  Next will be to reline the barrel since its been shot out completely.  We also will be working on the stock later on, which I have started, where we will be addressing checkering and finishing.  Here are a few images I got.  The blued barrel will come later after the bluing has had at least 3 days to cure.




Gunsmith Opportunity

I’ve recently been blessed with the assistance of a long time gunsmith who has been willing to allow me to gain experience actually working with firearms.  Experience is invaluable in this trade, and I am so thankful he has come my way.  I will also be posting before and after images of projects I’ve worked on.  The images at the top of the screen are shots of jobs I have worked on in the past.

That being said, we are looking for opportunities to gain your trust and service with your firearm.  Call us today at 618.928.3413 to let us know what we can do for you.

Have a Blessed Day!

Gallery of Guns

Its official – we are now setup on Gallery of Guns Gun Genie and with our own sales site.

To access our sales page, follow this link.

To access the Gun Genie, go HERE.  Enter your search criteria and your zip code.  You will see us listed with others in the area with competitive pricing.  Should you decide to order, you will pay online for 25% of the sale, and the balance when it arrives at our location.


We now carry the SCCY Industries line of conceal carry pistols. These single stack 9’s feel solid in the hand with a dual action only trigger. Top quality trigger lock comes standard as well as two magazines. Color combinations to suit almost any individual, the quality and craftsmanship ranks in with more expensive models in the same class. High visibility three dot sights help target acquisition and a dual action only trigger give a solid reliable trigger pull. Comapre to the Kel-Tec PF9 and the Ruger LC9.

The company started in 2003 in Daytona Beach Florida with the vision of creating a concealed carry pistol of fine quality tailored to an economical MSRP price around $334. SCCY Industries has one of the best warranties in the business, of which I have first hand experience.

Joe Roebuck is the founder and designer of these firearms, and has successfully created a very flexible and pleasing firearm to carry. Here’s some specs for you number nuts like me:

If you would like to try one and see how it feels, come by Cedar Grove Farm and Arms to shoot a couple of rounds to see what you think. Here’s a few images, and you can read more at SCCY’s website

If you try and decide to buy, March 15 through May 15 2017, you will also receive one box of 9mm Aguila FMJ ammunition at no charge.

Caliber 9MM .380ACP
Capacity 10+1 (two magazines are included) 10+1 (two magazines are included)
Action DAO (approximately 9-lbs.) DAO (approximately 8-lbs.)
Overall Length 5.7 Inches 5.34 Inches
Width 1.1 Inches 1.1 Inches
Barrel Length 3.1 Inches 2.96 Inches
Barrel Rifling 1:16 (with seven grooves) 1:16 (2/7 lands & grooves)
Empty Weight 15 ounces 15 ounces
Sights Three Dot (rear drift-adj. for windage) Three Dot (rear drift-adj. for windage)
Safety Ambi. Manual (CPX-1) No external (CPX-2) No external

Business is rolling, so is the ATV . . .

Well, the last couple of weeks have seen a bit more business than usual.  Its been great to get this ball rolling.  As with all new businesses, cash flow is a hurdle.  As a result, I am posting for sale my 2013 Arctic Cat ATV 500 EFI in viper blue with 3000# winch.  It has ZERO (0) miles on it and has been shelved as I have been working on paying it off.

Cash price is $6500, it lists for $7200 without the winch.

Now that this business is rolling, I need to invest cash flow to get product on the shelves.  See below for images, if you want to see it in person, its located at Weston’s Lawn Equipment in Lawrenceville, Illinois.  I will title it for you in your name as well.  Call or text me with questions at 618.928.3413

The Great Pyrenees Adventure

Well, it seems Cedar Grove Farm is moving into the arena of the Great Pyrenees.  After obtaining our first GP, Zeus, as a rescue two years ago, then moving to our 20 acre family farm, we obtained two more pure GP’s, Shamate and Nashgin, to protect our livestock.  Due to an excruciating series of events, we welcome our newest member of the GP family – Toby – to our home.  Toby comes to us from a family in Allendale who suffered an immense loss.  Now we have the duty of aclimating Toby with Zeus, our first GP.  We are honored to take on such a beautiful animal and promise to love and respect him all of his days with us.  We will post some pictures as soon as we can get them.

The farm is active . . .

Check out our Cedar Grove Farm page to see new members of our farm family and see the progress on our new farm location.

While we are waiting for permission to move the Gun shop and store to Chauncey, Illinois, we will continue to do our business in Bridgeport at our current location.

We are in the process of moving the rest of the family and herd up there.

We will be located six miles north of Sumner, Illinois and one mile south of Chauncey, Illinois on 1700N [Lincoln Lane].  West off of the Chauncey blacktop 200E.

Cedar Grove Arms

We offer a complete line of firearms support from retail firearm and ammunition sales, to gunsmith services  and assembly on most any type of firearm.  We will be adding services as we grow so stay tuned and please complete the CONTACT CGFA page if you have a specific need or want.

We strive to support your firearm ownership and experience through education and training as well as maintenance, repair and upgrades.  The only poor question is one not asked, therefore if we do not know the answer, we will certainly assist in finding the best possible answer for you.

It is our mission to treat each firearm, whether brand new or a hundred years old, as if it were the only one made. We understand that trust, especially where firearms are concerned, is something to be earned and maintained; therefore we strive to build that trust with each and every customer through honesty, ethical and moral standards, and transparency.

We approach each task as if it were for our own and value quality over quantity.  Your firearm, whether a safe queen, or a knock around truck gun will be given the best care and most respected approach for the safest and surest possible condition when it is returned to you.  We stand behind our work and provide a 30 day guarantee on all work performed from the date the item is returned to the customer.