Custom AR15 Builds

Personal opinion here, the AR-15 platform is the “General Machine” of the firearm industry.  So much is standardized and available to mix and match, swap and accessorize that almost any combination can be had.

I chanced upon the opportunity to work with a nice custom AR traded by a customer recently.  The rifle was well built and very “tacticooled”.  However, as a business and a technician, the risk of selling such a diverse platform rifle where I could not put my name personally on the build is a gamble best left to the card table.

Therefore, I decided to take this rifle and break it down into its independent parts.  Having a pair of AR-15s myself, I determined that my rifles may benefit from assimilating a few parts here and there.  Resistance is futile and assimilation is a caveat of being a dealer.

So, that being the case, I began this project.  I wish I had started writing this BEFORE I tore down each rifle so I could easier catalog the parts of each rifle, but I will do my best for now.  Here’s what I have now:
Gun Parts
Nothing like having a bunch of big boy legos to play with.

Finished up two of three custom AR builds.

1. 80% lower in the white, Palmetto State Armory unmarked upper, 18″ stainless .223 wylde barrel 1:7 twist rifle length gas system, utg pro handrail, bushnell ar223 scope, cmc flat trigger group 3.5# pull. Magpul stock and grip, silicone coated buffer spring, rubber city armory bolt carrier group and muzzle brake.

2. Palmetto state armory marked upper and lower, PSA nickel boron bolt carrier group, 16″ melonite heavy barrel 5.56 1:9 twist carbine length gas system,POF drop in trigger group 3.5# pull, MSI handrail, magpul flip sights, truglo red/green dot sight, PSA bolt buffer and silicone coated buffer spring, magpul stock and grip, iprotec light and laser, angled foregrip.

Next is to get them on the bench with a few rounds to sight them in. I’ve got one more to build.

Finished up the third custom AR in my personal arsenal.  This one is a mix of the remaining parts from the other builds I disassembled.

3. Anderson Manufacturing lower and upper without dust shield or bolt forward assembly, Anderson Manufacturing stainless lower parts kit and 6 position adjustable stock, PSA unmarked bolt carrier group, Bushnell DOA 600 scope, A2 fore stock, Daniel Defense mitigator muzzle brake.