Chicken or the Egg?

This page is dedicated to the birds of our farm.  Raised for their egg production and meat production, these will be grown as free range birds with the intent to provide a source of lean meat locally.

Considering we are moving into a 152 year old farm house, we have a large chicken coop that we intend to put back in production.  It used to house 200+ chickens when the farm was originally in use.  Yesterday, January 24 we had the first egg laid in the coop since the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.

For now the coop is being used as the goat house until we can get another building out to shelter the goats and provide breeding stalls for our girls.  Once that is over, we will be repopulating with chicks for both meat and egg production.  Here’s some recent images of our farmily: