CGF Registered Myotonics

This page is dedicated to our Registered Myotonic Goat herd and offspring.  Check back often to see what is going on with these little creatures.  They are so wonderful, soft and witty.

And they keep coming.  The morning of Jan 24 we had our second kid, and about 11 PM that night our momma Mimeke had her twin boys!  The farm is rolling.  We only have Pink left to kid and we will have our little ones for the first part of the year.
20170125_0030161 20170125_0036551

We’ve started 2017 off on a good note.  Finally, last night 01/23/2017 we got our first kid.  He’s a blue buckling born from CGF Dejago and CGF Jebwe.  He was born between 4:30PM and 8:00 PM.

Blue Boy 2017 20170123_2106271

We now have our own protection service to assist Zeus in his duties as Livestock Guardian Dog.  Meet Shamate – a six week old pure blood Great Pyrenees who will start out living with our goat herd to bond with them.  She is so wonderful, soft demeanor, playful, and BIG for 6 weeks.  PS – Shamate is Pottawatomie for “rifle”.  Fitting 😉

Shamate1Shamate Desk