We now carry the SCCY Industries line of conceal carry pistols. These single stack 9’s feel solid in the hand with a dual action only trigger. Top quality trigger lock comes standard as well as two magazines. Color combinations to suit almost any individual, the quality and craftsmanship ranks in with more expensive models in the same class. High visibility three dot sights help target acquisition and a dual action only trigger give a solid reliable trigger pull. Comapre to the Kel-Tec PF9 and the Ruger LC9.

The company started in 2003 in Daytona Beach Florida with the vision of creating a concealed carry pistol of fine quality tailored to an economical MSRP price around $334. SCCY Industries has one of the best warranties in the business, of which I have first hand experience.

Joe Roebuck is the founder and designer of these firearms, and has successfully created a very flexible and pleasing firearm to carry. Here’s some specs for you number nuts like me:

If you would like to try one and see how it feels, come by Cedar Grove Farm and Arms to shoot a couple of rounds to see what you think. Here’s a few images, and you can read more at SCCY’s website

If you try and decide to buy, March 15 through May 15 2017, you will also receive one box of 9mm Aguila FMJ ammunition at no charge.

Caliber 9MM .380ACP
Capacity 10+1 (two magazines are included) 10+1 (two magazines are included)
Action DAO (approximately 9-lbs.) DAO (approximately 8-lbs.)
Overall Length 5.7 Inches 5.34 Inches
Width 1.1 Inches 1.1 Inches
Barrel Length 3.1 Inches 2.96 Inches
Barrel Rifling 1:16 (with seven grooves) 1:16 (2/7 lands & grooves)
Empty Weight 15 ounces 15 ounces
Sights Three Dot (rear drift-adj. for windage) Three Dot (rear drift-adj. for windage)
Safety Ambi. Manual (CPX-1) No external (CPX-2) No external