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The Farm

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This family homestead is the remnants of an 1864 land grant by the US Government.  Check out more on the history of our place on the Cedar Grove Farm page

We have Registered Myotonic Goats for sale as pets or for starting another herd to assist in keeping the myotonic gene alive.

We plan to grow our flock of chickens to produce meat and eggs to sell as local farm fresh free range fowl.

We are now growing our pack of Great Pyrenees with our latest acquisition – Toby.  Toby and our other GP’s, are full blooded, yet unregistered because they serve a purpose as protective dogs for our farm.

We offer a complete line of firearms support from retail firearm and ammunition sales, to gunsmith services and assembly on most any type of firearm. We will be adding services as we grow so stay tuned and please complete the CONTACT CGFA page if you have a specific need or want.

We strive to support your firearm ownership and experience through education and training as well as maintenance, repair and upgrades. The only poor question is one not asked, therefore if we do not know the answer, we will certainly assist in finding the best possible answer for you.

It is our mission to treat each firearm, whether brand new or a hundred years old, as if it were the only one made. We understand that trust, especially where firearms are concerned, is something to be earned and maintained; therefore we strive to build that trust with each and every customer through honesty, ethical and moral standards, and transparency.

We approach each task as if it were for our own and value quality over quantity. Your firearm, whether a safe queen, or a knock around truck gun will be given the best care and most respected approach for the safest and surest possible condition when it is returned to you. We stand behind our work and provide a 30 day guarantee on all work performed from the date the item is returned to the customer.